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Princess had her radionics session on 6/12/2022. I’m blown away by the changes, with all I’ve done to try and help her, and this has just changed so much in such a short space of time! I’m definitely interested in learning this 🤩
changes in princess
For the past 6 years Allan Moffat has been my greatest teacher and mentor since I have been a student of his and I can not recommend him more highly, since he started doing his Radionics I have constantly called upon his help when I have a difficult case that my acupuncture and massage skills are not enough to help- I have seen great results from his radionics in all types of cases for simple things like when the horse is, just simply not looking well; fertility issues: lameness issues: behavioural issues and many other more serious cases.

 Kelly Fawcett: racehorse trainer and equine therapist.


 Hi Allan, so this is my beautiful Poppy, I named her so in remembrance of all the horses who were lost fighting wars and it was inspired by the Kelpies in Scotland, they go red for Poppy Day. She is a lovely little pony, very scared and for a very long time I couldn't get near her unless I cornered her. One of her eyes is a bit off too, we suspect she may have had an injury at some stage but there are novisible signs of scarring. I just want this little lady to be happy and rid of her pain in her legs/hooves. She had a trim yesterday and my fartier said her feet are doing so well. I would be so grateful to you if you could offer any help at all. She deserves the best life I can possibly give her 🙏🙏🙏 xx

after radionics

Perfect, I'll do anything to help her. She actually came to me today, twice 🙏🙏🙏

Hi Allan, so Poppy is much more active and keeping up with the herd 🙏🙏 Our weather was quite miserable today so I didn't have much interaction with the gang. However Poppy was alert, ears pricked and there is a very different vibe off her. I'm thrilled to feel this beautiful energy. 

I've been able to touch her most of the time without her flinching or being too frightened. She answers and eventually comes when called, all very, very positive and I'm over the Moon.  




Case example;

I used this technique recently on a horse in NZ with stifle lock. Vets had given up. I did it at 9am and my testing said it would be sorted by 12. Sure enough at 12, email came in. All sorted.

This Method is not a substitute for medical or veterinarian treatment and under no circumstances should you consider it to be so. If you are concerned about any condition or symptom you or any other person/animal are experiencing, see a licensed medical practitioner or veterinarian immediately. No responsibility is taken for any effect or action which may or may not happen as a result of you using this approach;

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