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Equine(and Canine) Therapeutic Acupuncture Course

(1 year Diploma)

Online Course in Horse (and Canine) Acupuncture and Acupressure

- Home and Professional

Note; This is a genuine, real training done over 12 months with full support during and after, with insurance coverage afterwards.

Course has been running for 7 years and teacher is fully trained acupuncturist with 30 years experience treating animals.

It is not a weekend fly-by-night course with a DVD as support.

Equine therapeutic acupuncture arises out of equine body-work methods such as massage, manipulation,

physiotherapy and shiatsu (acupressure).

This is also suitable for veterinary acupuncture which arises out of veterinary medicine.

It is also suitable for small animal acupuncture as the basic principles and skills remain the same.

Dry Needling is included.

Suitable for Red Light Photonic Equine Training.

includes Equine Cosmetic Acupuncture.(shape adjusting)


• Learn the Energy flows within the horse body
• Learn how to maintain and balance them using:
• Energy massage
• Muscle release
• Acupressure, shiatsu and Tui Na
• Electrical and magnetic acupuncture modes
• Laser and red-light laser
•Dry needling technique
• Traditional Chinese technique
• Learn the acupuncture points and learn the ‘touch ‘ to find them.
• Learn acupuncture treatments which work, for a very large range of horse ailments and conditions.
• Learn to recognize these conditions.

• There will a brief introduction to Homeopathy and Spirit-work touching on some aspects of herbal medicine.

• You will have the benefit of the practical knowledge and guidance of a teacher of 30 yrs experience

working with horses after 5 years experience working full-time with people.

This will deepen your understanding and love of your horse.

It will be useful to improve horse performance such as in Eventing, Showjumping, Endurance,

and improve the horses appearance as in Showing and Dressage.

This 21 module (2 lessons each module) course is very suitable for horse lovers, and those already working in this field such as chiropractors, physio, veterinary, farriers, nurses, race-horse owners and laser owners.

Courses are online and mail via flashdrive: 1 module fortnightly (one theory, one practical) with questions for reply.

There are over 300 videos available on Youtube.

Regular free Skype conference sessions replace the old idea of the 'block' practical attendance on campus.

Course is project based rather than exam based.

Equine Therapeutic Acupuncture course is available to students from many countries.

Translation can be done via Google Translate effectively.


Minimum requirements are; experience with horses. Basic computer skills. Basic horse anatomy.

Testimonial; Acupuncture is actually very straight forward the way you explain it! Crystal; Coodenup. WA.


Equine Acupuncture Training Live lessons Gb31 needling- HD

Watch this video here : http://youtu.be/V-4yf4cjFvI

See video for dog acupuncture here; http://youtu.be/yvT0P6mjO7w

Regular free Skype conference sessions replace the old idea of the 'block' practical attendance.

Course requirements such as books and optional equipment are extra as your need arises.

Next course; begins late July 17. No places available until further notice.

Ph 61 408 114 758

email: angelconch2@hotmail.com


Let me know your country/state and circumstances.

Note: Practitioners may need to be aware of the various laws which may apply in their country or state,

and the insurance coverage which may be available.

Presented by Allan Moffatt B.Sc, B.Acup.

Director - ICET (International College of Equine and Canine Therapies)